Spicy Bambu clothing is casual, bohemian and brings out the bold and beautiful. Just like the land of Bali where my gypsy soul and free-spirit led me to 25 years ago. I absorbed the down to earth life on this mystical island and was drawn to the beautiful batiked fabrics which came alive in my clothing designs. I began working hand in hand with talented tailors, met my husband Wayan there and quickly became a part of the Balinese family, embracing the simplicity and spirituality of the land. Currently we have 3 beautiful girls and live in Portland OR. I bring to you my designs, fabrics and heart-felt connection to Bali.

What used to be a retail business , located in the heart of Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon, has transitioned to an online forum for women… with a mission to make connections near and far, bring joy into your everyday clothing choices and celebrate you!

How is this all possible? If you are like me, I struggle with not feeling comfortable in most clothing. Often times resorting to plain colors of clothing to ‘cover up’ is easy. When I want to be my best self, I turn to my closet of Spicy Bambu clothing to choose from.

Our line of clothing includes flowy dresses, one size and plus size kimonos, yoga and relaxation pants, tunics and tops, of all sizes in amazing fabrics. As direct manufacturers of our product in Bali, I work hand in hand with the female manager Komang. When I am not there, Komang orders fabrics, communicates our clothing orders to the pattern man, sewers, and packers. Our production is in home in a safe, clean environment and all of our clothing is made with care. It is then sent directly to Portland, Oregon where we distribute the orders directly to you.

Our tribe loves to buy clothing that has a story, a cause and a purpose behind it. With every purchase, you are supporting our mission as well as receiving a beautiful piece of clothing.

Thank you for your support and spread the word.

Lisa Johnson,


Komang with fabrics

Fabrics being cut


Batik Fabric
The batiking process is a traditional form of art and expression. Slight discoloration, or interruption of pattern should not be seen as irregularities. Designed and made with soul in the heart of Bali, our batiked fabrics are handmade using a dying and waxing process traditional to the land. Spicy Bambu fabrics are special ordered especially for our clothing line and take time to be made. We have been creating and modifying our designs and prints since 1996 Our brand promotes cultural awareness, connects communities near and far. Our tribe has been with us for years and with the ebb and flow of life, our commitment to provide Beautiful batiks to women of all sizes is still unwavering. Join us in our community and feel the joy in our high -vibe clothing.


Design and distribute beautiful batik styles for women of all sizes and forms in order to high vibe a more visible free-spirited soul. We all know that conscious shopping also means not supporting fast fashion. Our clothing is made with care, and takes about 3 months from start to getting the product here in the states ( and that is with air shipping.) We are dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. Our transparency and story is important, join us and be a part of our mission.

With your purchase, you are directly supporting our mission of helping to educate the youth in Apit-yeh Bali, Indonesia. In the past years we have given a percent of our profit directly to families to pay for uniforms, school books, supplies , shoes and more. Our shift this year is to get technology into the hands of hundreds of children in this remote village. Please join us by making a purchase or donating to the cause.